How Can I Help?

STAG, which supports the aims of the Taxpayers Alliance, already has the infrastructure, what we need now are more supporters who want to see Surrey County Council become stronger, leaner and far more efficient - to use the Council’s own description, a world class authority.

It costs you nothing to become a STAG supporter. Why not register now?

We value your knowledge!

After registering we are keen to hear from you especially if you have ideas about how Surrey County Council can work more effectively and if you see areas where the Council could be saving money.

We would especially like to hear from people who work within Surrey County Council – no we are not asking you to act as a whistleblower! When you work within an organisation very often you can see areas where a job can be carried out more efficiently or where money could be saved. Please share these with us because you will be able to bring your special knowhow and experience to us.

We are keen to know if your local paper carries a story about Surrey County Council, we read a lot of local papers but we don’t read them all so you can really help us.

For our part we will ensure that, via your email, we keep you informed from time to time about what we are doing and saying.