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As the General Election draws near...

posted 2 Jun 2017, 09:40 by Peter Webb

….all the contenders ignore the issue described in the attached published letter. The NAO should call for "special measures".  But as already reported even the HoC Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee can't get the Cabinet and Treasury to "drive change" prescribed. Leadership directives are absent. However sincere the emotive or inspirational rhetoric it  doesn't 'bring home the bacon'.   

We have to play along with the electoral entertainment for now even if Parliament and box-ticking elections are obsolescent. The Cortanas and Siris, Googles and facebook are with Artificial Intelligence taking over our thinking. Amazon is getting better at reading and feeding my mind for personal book choices right now. Cars are talking to each other now. Perhaps it is not a bigger more expensive and unwieldy NHS that we need but one that is allowed to continue to organically evolve without political interference and 'national debates' and 'conversations'. We will get a better all round idea of ourselves  and then for government decisions and machinery. Politicians, your spendthrift and uncontrolled debt days are numbered. You will not be needed for democracy, don't formally account anyway and will get in the way of the golden goose economy. 

Peter Webb,
2 Jun 2017, 09:40