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A Winter's Tale in Wonderland

posted 1 Feb 2011, 01:29 by Unknown user   [ updated 17 Feb 2011, 12:04 ]
A Winter’s Tale
Dinner the other night with friends was entertaining as one of them used to temp at Alice in Wonderland County Council HQ in Kingston, as a PA, and she had a Winter's Tale to tell
She said one job she had was for four managers. She had nothing much to do all day but wait for 5 o'clock.
She and another PA who supported another bunch of under worked managers would take it in turns to wander off  in order to stay awake.
Sometimes, no more than three times a week, she would be asked to read emails to her manager who would then dictate replies if he wanted to do so. Said manager would not use email personally but always had someone to do it for him.
The friend also worked in the Transport dept for a while. On her first day she was told to arrive late as this department never got there on time, which turned out to be true. Normal start time was between 09:30 and 10:00. 
I wonder if this has anything to do with the poor roads in Surrey?