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Don't tell the people, they only pay the price

posted 17 Mar 2015, 04:35 by Peter Webb   [ updated 23 Mar 2015, 08:21 ]

Evidence mounts that UK Government, as in other western nations, has failed to ‘run’ the country properly and so hazards its economy and people. It is behind the political facade managerially dysfunctional and doesn’t know what an industrial scale financial system looks like. It’s engagement with and account to voting citizens who pay the price in taxes is medieval. In the forthcoming general election we are expected to elect the pool of governors ‘blind’. That is without conventional, credible and trustworthy information about performance, the financial situation, and intentions. 'They' must be ashamed of performance, don't understand the financial situation, and intend only to spend. It remains to be seen whether the improving economy will lead to one built on savings and not borrowings with real cost reductions from better decision-making  apart from just policies.