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Dysfunctional government a conspiracy or cock-up ? and SCC audit

posted 19 Nov 2013, 05:00 by Peter Webb

Surrey CC external audit

 On enquiry I am directed to the SCC website to find the opinion on  the 2012-13 financial statements, and arrangements to secure economy, efficiency and effectiveness in its use of resources, which amounts to  a ‘clean’ certificate. There is a  further report on matters such as risk management and internal controls effectiveness where recommendations have been made and agreed. I have not examined the separate audit report on the pension funds. I note that the next financial statements audit is being scheduled for completion by 31st July 2014, a step forward – towards  Annual Report publication in time for elections in future ?

 I think we may take comfort from that and respect it but in the case of Value For Money we remember bitter experience of claims being made by SCC leadership beyond what the actual audit wording said. They do not say, for example,  that all possible savings are continuously being made.

 Dysfunctional government

 Having been given the highly revealing transcript of the Public Accounts Committee meeting on 21st October I have arrived at this man’s view of the precise nature of past government failure beyond the excuses. I ask:  conspiracy or cock-up ?