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How will the 2019 Election mend broken government?

posted 31 Oct 2019, 07:38 by Peter Webb
Off they go again on the Campaign trail. They still treat us like medieval peasants to be bought with our own 'money tree' money by promises of paradise.  We are not fools anymore.

Take the NHS. It's doing fine because it is getting better managed and equipped. Politicians get in the way. It may not have spare capacity yet but where will all those extra hospital nurses stand while waiting for bottlenecks to clear and ambulance teams to be cleared for return to base?  

From personal experience as an elderly patient the worst part is the stressful logistics and lack of local mobile facilities like xray machines. 

Socialist confiscation would only pay once. It needs a perpetual taxable margin from a steadily improving economy.

A description of the brokenness of political government is implied in the attached file.
Peter Webb,
31 Oct 2019, 07:38