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Message to all STAG supporters

posted 29 Sept 2011, 00:39 by Peter Webb
So Leader Andrew Povey goes and Deputy Leader David Hodge is to take over ! (See local newspaper reports today)


There is also report  of high staff turnover with many redundancies,  tho’ an increase in the Chief Executive’s area. Shades of 2008 and BDR ? Which was followed in 2009 by the Frater Report (“total system failure”) when the then Leader stepped down and Chief Exec. left with a £100k pension,.  The BDR (Business Delivery Review) is now followed by  the acronym PVR (Public Value Review), although the methodology is different.


The Surrey Ad  Comment too requires consideration. It points out the problem with governance at the top and the legal basis for it. But how can you sail a ship if there is no captain in command and  steerage is by democratic committee ? The democratically elected leadership is inescapably responsible for running things and accountable to us for that.


I will not be popular with you when I give a personal view of sympathy with Dr Povey when he says in effect over parking charges: if you won’t let me cut net spending how are we to meet our reducing financial limits ? Don’t worry, I obviously agree with you that spending has got to be cut drastically elsewhere ie in the gross overhead of governance superstructure, and optional ‘glamour’ spending.