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SCC Headcount Reductions - Hardly worth announcing.

posted 1 Feb 2011, 02:43 by Unknown user
We see that SCC is really serious and in deadly earnest about reducing costs by announcing head count 'cuts' over a 4 year period which amount to less than a 1% reduction in staff (ie 163 each year from 26,000). We are being faceious.

As Staff turnover is much higher than this - we assume 5% - what it really means is that SCC will continue to hire up to 4% of head count each and every year from now on. Thus SCC intends to recruit 600 people in 2011. How's that for a cut?
What it actually says is that SCC might be achieving less than 1% productivity improvement each year - the rest of us in the real world have get four to five times that to survive.
However, one can expect the usual Sturm und Drung along with tales of woe from the Unions, the BBC and local press about this. Watch your news for pictures of beggars with bloodied stumps and leprous scars soon, all supposedly caused by SCC doing almost nothing.