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posted 2 Nov 2011, 04:08 by Peter Webb

After many months we at last met with new SCC Leader David Hodge on Monday (31st October). He was accompanied by Acting Assistant finance Head Sheila Little. The agenda was ours and the meeting  amicable.


I have decided not to wrap things up for you in a newsletter but to report more fully, one topic at a time, over the next few days/weeks.  For example, on HIGHWAYS (A long overdue management change took place in recent days), on a £400m pa SPENDING elephant in the room, on PENSIONS, and on the accountability process – the ANNUAL REPORT.


For starters: YOUR FEEDBACK


Thanks to those of you responding to my canvass for the meeting, and those  registering for membership on our website (mostly this year). Some of those were views from the inside.


The following indicate issues featuring strongly:


·         Poor roads

·         Unkempt pavements, speed signs etc.

·         “Why attack libraries ?”

·         The “translation service should cease immediately”

·         Scandal of empty social care beds

·         Pensions, the unfairness

·         “A rule should be that they are as careful with the tax money given into their care, as they are with their own personal money”

·         “Efficiency savings” do not come through to taxpayers.

·         “……the ludicrous and tax wasting Equality and Diversity training course”


And interestingly:  IT “have capability beyond their own requirements”.


And very importantly: “The ability to save money across Surrey is enormous….But as turkeys would not vote for Christmas, councils will not take the required steps to pool resources”. “Mole Valley and Elmbridge should merge”, “Far too many Chief executives and Strategic Directors”. “Are Leisure Departments absolutely vital ?” “Do we need all the mayors with cars and drivers ?”


There’s more……


Peter Webb