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Surrey Council tax 2018-19

posted 20 Mar 2018, 03:17 by Peter Webb

Capped Council tax invoices 2018-19 for Surrey at just below 6% have now arrived on our doormats. We are to assume that services and operations can be maintained. But back-up information is inadequate and recent media reports of the need for a 15% rate for 2017-18 have become obscured by hints that yet more savings still need to be made. Was that a Carillion-like profit warning?


There have been some references in the press to a ‘deal’ having been done which will keep back from central government for one year only more of business rates. Other than that we have to continue to trust in Leader David Hodge’s management in difficult circumstances.


Unlike private sector bodies we, as the risking investors, are denied an Annual Report at this point in the proceedings. This would ordinarily give us the plan going forward. Last year when testing the system it was  found that library copies were hidden from view quite apart from being published weeks into the new period. David Hodge did then at least issue instructions for visibility on reference section shelves. That is only a ‘small step for mankind’  on the road towards formal democratic accountability.