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The National Audit Office passes the buck

posted 20 Nov 2015, 03:32 by Peter Webb   [ updated 21 Nov 2015, 08:06 ]
"Can you (the NAO) now please support (me) with your officially recorded working 'standard' covering democratic (voting) accountability procedures as NAO believes it should be and which informs relevant investigations and recommendations."Our contact Director at the NAO thinks this question is outside their remit and should go to the Electoral Commission

Presumably though the Commission would long since have called for such procedures had they been set as a standard by the relevant governance authority if such a person exists. 

This is an issue with the local Borough who refused to publish an Annual Report 2014-15 in time for the May 2015 elections on the grounds that there is out of date  stuff on the website.

This is an issue with Surrey County Council whose Member has refused to answer fed back questions on the 2014-15 Annual Report, including whether it has been distributed to 'stakeholders' to whom it is addressed, and has been supported in this by the council Monitoring Officer.

Parliament has demonstrated its  sluggishness. It's Select Committee inquiring into Voter Engagement stopped work in 2010 having called only for registration in spite of having discovered "lack of belief in the meaning of elections as they are presented" and poor turnout due to "lack of awareness and information on which to vote" as well as "dissatisfaction with politicians, political parties and UK politics".

Present government and political culture is still 'medieval'. It fails to recognise that with the universal franchise we the people have not surrendered our vote to our elected representatives. When considering what is a stake when we vote we may have direct 'customer' experience , Party loyalty and access to "transparent" mass data but are not informed without Leader commentary and narrated facts and figures past present and upcoming.

Surely the solution to those defects is quite simply a 'just do it' command to formalise engagement and synchronise reporting and elections.

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