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The potholes are winning !

posted 23 Feb 2011, 02:01 by Peter Webb

 “We met some friends last night who live in  Warlingham  (says a still shocked  active STAG supporter). They recounted to us that after the bad weather during December 4 potholes opened up in their road which they reported to the Council.  A lorry arrived with 3 men one day the following week and filled in one of the potholes by shovelling in some sort of gravel - not tarmac!.  They then stamped on the result to smooth it over and left.   This took all of 5 minutes and our friends were surprised that the other 3 potholes were not fillled in.  The next day another lorry arrived again with 3 men and one of the remaining potholes was filled in and then off they went again.  The men returned the next day and filled in the 3rd pothole and then again the day after that and filled in the 4th pothole.  The lorry apparently came all the way from Guildford each time and filled in one hole per day.  After the rain the gravel has almost washed out and the potholes are back.”