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Thoughts after the general election

posted 18 May 2015, 11:32 by Peter Webb

 Perhaps at last we have left behind the politics of social  class blame with its ‘twin’ over-reliance on static  redistribution  to pay for ever-expanding public sector activity. Redistribution was  exhausted when taxation had to be supplemented by cumulative borrowing. We have became  a financially unviable nation.

 Will Government become objective-led, and gain and productivity orientated as if running a corporation in a competitive world? Decision-making, implementation and feedback-prompted re-direction  need to be accelerated and decentralisation (devolvement) systematised.

 If financial control is KNOWING it is not sufficient to manage by the seat of one’s cash DEFICIT. The failed Treasury continues with no top-led financial system. Were Gordon Brown and the two Eds in the same boat as “Greek PM ‘did not know of emergency cash reserve” (Daily Telegraph May 18th 2015)?

 The language of politics is wrong. Altruistic public service doesn’t necessarily deliver the goods when it buys low-paid activity and  pre-empts the professional (to be the best). Tesco has learnt its lesson – the political giants must do likewise” (Allister Heath on the need for the parties to re-invent themselves). 

The people must be engaged and not treated as Party fodder. We must be properly informed and accounted to and not have hidden from us the facts about public debt and the national balance sheet.