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What's to vote about ?

posted 20 Apr 2015, 07:44 by Peter Webb

I am unlikely to vote (in the Waverley borough election) on 7th May because the Poll Card does not give me links and references to a Leader's Annual Report containing  information on which I can form a judgement concerning  performance by the council for the year ended 31st March 2015, current important considerations and outlook and intentions."

Addressed to the Leader of Waverley Borough Council: “Thank you for your decision below which was anticipated in the published letter which you may not have seen (see What the press says). You clearly believe that the head of CIPFA International is mistaken. I will not trouble to appeal your decision which does seem unduly influenced by your officers who clearly lack quality professional aspiration and seem not to understand what is involved in advancing deadlines, for example.

I further venture to suggest that your present working concept of the Annual Report lacks the  essential ingredient of leadership narrative. Moreover that “voters are able to access” needs their awareness from direct contact, and that leader invitation and guidance which only you can provide in the time-honoured (and statute impregnated ) Annual Report format."