The Frater Report

STAG has regularly criticised poor financial control and management at Surrey County Council but don’t just take our word. Here is what happened in 2009.

In 2009 there were a number of changes at the top within Surrey County Council; this followed criticism of how certain parts of the Council were being run - the chief executive resigned – at the end of 2008 - and later so did the leader of the council.

An Interim Chief Executive was appointed, his name was Michael Frater CBE and possessed considerable experience of running major local authorities such as Nottingham City Council, Telford & Wrekin, etc.

After six months he published a report which was very critical of how Surrey County Council was being operated, among his criticisms:

  • The council has a culture of blame and bullying
  • Is inefficient
  • Arrogant
  • Unsophisticated
  • Is in denial following its demotion to a one star authority
  • Is bureaucratic
  • Lacks vision
  • Is obsessed with itself
  • Has an absence of leadership

Michael Frater’s report to the Council is an important document that will be of great interest to those people who pay council tax in Surrey and who want to see Surrey County Council become a leading local authority in Britain. You can view or download a copy by visiting:$FILE/item%2006%20-%20Diagnostic%20and%20Stocktake.pdf

It is clear that certain elements within Surrey County Council are still in denial – with your help STAG will attempt to re-educate those people and departments who seem unable to understand that they work for the community and the money they spend belongs to the community.